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ZBT #211: Oh Yeah, Stick It In My Porthole Baby

ROUND 1: Usually stalking is frowned upon, especially if it’s naked stalking, but one Marine Scout Sniper wanted to strut his stuff & did just that.

ROUND 2: Have you ever been so in love with someone you let them take over the helm of your Guided Missile Destroyer? That was the case for one smitten Navy Commander who has since been fired some scandalous affair behavior. ::sassy:: Get ready to sip. some. tea.

ROUND 3: You may know that the Washington Nationals have adopted the song Baby Shark as a rally cry, but in a bit of world news we’ll tell you why it’s also become an important anthem for a country in the Middle East right now.

ROUND 4: Everyone has heard that MRE’s make you constipated, but is that really true? Science

ROUND 5: Did General Mattis really say he’d rather “swallow acid than attend Trump’s military parade”? A new book is claiming so & the Warrior Monk’s camp is PISSED.