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Week 9 Preview + A Bet For The Ages

Week 9 is upon us!

We break down the biggest matchups of the weekend, look at who has the most to  and make a bet on the upcoming A&M/Mississippi State game. Trust me, you’ll want to tune in.

We also run through the news of the week, including a few rants about the transfer portal, Joe Burrow’s ass cheeks, the Sooner Schnooer being on the IL and much more. (We’re angry this week).

From two people in the real world transfer portal,

New episodes come out every Monday and Thursday. Don’t forget the Barstool College Football Show is at 10 am every Saturday.


[0:00] Intro

[5:05] Texas A&M – Mississippi State preview. Kayce and Brandon discuss their wager.

[13:50] The Heisman playoff that is coming in the next month.

[23:30] Jim Harbaugh eyeing an exit strategy? How would you feel as a Michigan fan if that were to happen?


[29:00] Colorado HC Mel Tucker thinks there is no transfer portal in real life. That just isn’t true.

[33:10] Greg Sankey’s bizarre letter defending SEC officials.

[38:00] Sooner Schooner will be out of commission for the rest of the season. Will this result in a curse for Oklahoma?

[44:00] Louisiana newspaper wants CBS to apologize for showing Joe Burrow’s behind. Wait, what?

[49:25] College Football Payoff with Marty Mush!

[58:18] Auburn – LSU preview

[1:01:15] Ohio State – Wisconsin preview

[1:04:00] Michigan – Notre Dame preview

[1:07:15] Michigan State – Penn State preview

[1:09:25] Washington State – Oregon preview

[1:10:54] Other games

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