Hard Factor 10/9: Snake Farm, Brexit, Canada Elections, Space Corner

On today’s episode…

Brexit and Canada’s National Elections


Guess who got stuck with this update… Wes.  Get your update on Brexit and who is going to win the Canadian election, black Face Trudeau or conservative party candidate Adam Scheer.  Also bet on it at PredictIt (link below)

News Buffet 

- Someone stole a duffel bag full of serpents by accident

- Radford student and absolute psychopath pleaded guilty to murdering her best friend

- Amber Guyger witness Joshua Brown was murdered over a drug deal gone wrong

- Julian Castro got 12 LGBTQ and disabled asylum seekers across the border for like a minute then they got sent home

- Quick Liz Warren and Donald Trump update

- Take a trip to the Space Corner

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