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Hard Factor 10/8: Trump Pulls Troops Out of Syria, Zombie Deer, Freakish Instagram Star Arrested, Another Disastrous Wedding Story & More

Previously Hot Instagram Star Sahar Tabar Arrested In Iran For Blasphemy/Looking Too Weird


On today’s episode….

President Trump withdraws troops from Syria, leaving our allies, the Kurds, to fend for themselves against an inevitable invasion from Turkey.

News Buffet: 

- Zombie deer are spreading, and Nevada is putting a giant condom on Utah to prevent the spread

- A tow truck driver is strangled to death by a POS who really really didn’t want his car towed

- Another hilarious wedding story

- Rep. Ihlan Omar is an alleged home wrecker

- A Woman sneaks on a plane with no ticket causing all passengers to go through security again

- Freaky Instagram star is arrested for being too freaky for Iran

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