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I Spoke With The #1 Film Reporter In The World In My Mom's Basement This Week!

I think Justin Kroll is probably too humble to consider himself the #1 Film Reporter in the world, but I just fuckin’ went for it with that headline, because I believe he is, and he’s on My Mom’s Basement this week!

It was a blast getting to chat with Justin about his most recent exclusive involving Jonah Hill being in talks for ‘The Batman’, the industry of reporting on Hollywood, some of the biggest stories he’s broken over his entire career, the movies he’s looking forward to going forward for the rest of the year, and why he HATES ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ as much as he does!

Justin has been a long time friend of Barstool as well, so make sure you throw him a follow on Twitter. He’s our guy and breaks literally, like, every awesome story in all of movies. Mothafucka had Matrix 4!

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