Area Blind Man Defends Shane Gillis - Kirk Minihane Show

Kirk Minihane has managed to confuse and infuriate every sports talk radio program in New England by sending the Minifans after them armed only with references to hot dogs and Bob Hearts Abishola. Plus: Eddie Murphy is apologizing for trying to be funny thirty years ago, the "critics" say seeing The Joker might encourage domestic terrorism, and Minihane's favorite CBS sitcom is under attack.

Continuing the theme of losers wanting to censor things other people enjoy, here's a guest post from Blind Mike about Shane Gillis, the comedian who lost his shot at SNL over remarks he made on a podcast:

I want to start off by being completely fair and saying, my name is Blind Mike. So maybe it's my fault for not seeing it, but I haven't come across a single word written about Shane Gillis' first podcast since SNL and the media painted him as an unfunny racist. The line of SJW's waiting to slander a comedian they knew nothing about was longer than the line of Barstool employees pushing the CEO out of the way to get their greedy mitts on a chicken sandwich. So I found it strange that these open-minded progressives wouldn't want both sides of the story out there. But no big deal, I'll do it for them.

The episode of Matt and Shane's Secret Podcast titled "Comedy Podcast" was just under 2 hours of the most honest, real discussion I've ever heard from someone on the receiving end of a shakedown from the PC Police. Gillis points out that, despite an army of angry theater kids calling him unfunny, getting booked on Comedy Central, Just For Laughs Fest and being cast on SNL proves he's "at least kind of good" at comedy. He points out the hypocrisy of other comedians attacking him, including Christopher Titus, who has made Asian jokes of his own in the past. He tries to give context to the jokes in question. And he even admits the offending joke wasn't that funny. Barstool Sports is a pretty good example of the constant content grind. We talk a lot of shit into microphones. If every joke that doesn't hit equals a national headline, Barstool Breakfast may want to get their affairs in order. 
Now if you want to hate Shane, this podcast won't sway you. He continues to make jokes that probably aren't for you. And while you and the media continue to look for dark, sinister messages hidden in Shane's comedy, he will continue to make dumb jokes. I happen to like them. So let's make a deal: I'll let you let you identify however you choose, as you listen to your safe space, happy horseshit.
Just don't take what I like away from me.