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Hard Factor 9/11: Trump Fires National Security Advisor John Bolton, N.C. Holds Special Elections, China Discovers Aliens, California's Homeless Problem Grows, & Allegations Against Antonio Brown

National Security Advisor John Bolton “Resigns”


On today’s show….It’s the anniversary of 9/11 and we want everyone out there to NEVER FORGET!!

National Security Advisor, John Bolton, was fired/asked to resign by President Trump yesterday.  The move comes after a string of disagreements over foreign policy, and quite possibly the fact that Bolton’s mustache became too much for Trump to handle any longer.

In North Carolina they are holding the last federal elections of 2019 after election fraud was uncovered, and its the race of the Dan’s.

News Buffet:

- China may have discovered aliens

- California’s homeless are shitting everywhere they please

- El Paso shooting “hero” gets called out for being a fraud

- Antonio Brown has some harsh allegations against him

- Bets

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