Kirk Minihane Apologizes to Jared Carrabis And Has His Best Guest Of All Time, Kmarko From Barstool Sports

Kirk Minihane doesn’t apologize often. Why would he? He’s almost never wrong. But when he does apologize, you get to experience true art. Like that time he apologized for saying offensive shit on the radio and management suspended him for the apology not the offensive shit he said. Hindsight is 20-20, but you probably don’t tell the person you’re apologizing to that if they were fatter they’d be waiting tables.

On today’s episode of the Kirk Minihane Show, Minihane finally apologized to — and showered praise upon — Jared Carrabis, Barstool Sports resident Red Sox expert and fanboy. Does Carrabis offer hard-hitting journalism about billionaire John Henry’s sports media conglomerate? No. That might risk his spot on a World Series duck boat. But unlike some people at Barstool, Carrabis knows how to take a joke from Minihane. For that, Minihane salutes him.

Also on today’s show: Minifan Show co-host DEC dupes this idiot writer with a ham-handed prank phone call, Blind Mike accuses me of lying about taking 2nd place in a hot dog eating contest, and Barstool Editor-in-Chief Kmarko talks with Minihane about spiking Friday’s blog post.

Did Kmarko emulate Minihane’s magnanimous apologizing? You be the judge. (Kmarko joins at 39:00)

Michael Jackson is innocent.

-Shit Head Steve