Every Time I Read A Matt Nagy Quote I Get More Pissed Off About The Bears

I am finally back home in Chicago and was starting to forget about the disaster that was Thursday night vs the Packers and us being on camera(something I am not really comfortable with at this point) for the duration of that game. Then I log on to twitter as I do every 5 minutes, and I see this quote from Matt Nagy

Bad visual on that play. No doubt. The Bears offensive line didn’t have a great night up front. But they never really had a chance. It was a one-score game for all 60 minutes and the Bears, at one point, ran 30 straight pass plays(including penalties). Tarik Cohen, one of the Bears best weapons…zero carries. Your highest draft pick, David Montgomery, had 6 carries. Mike Davis, one of the biggest free agent signing the Bears had this offseason…5 carries. The Bears didn’t run the ball well, but they never had a chance. This Bears offensive game plan is starting to feel like jamming a round peg into a square hole situation. I am sure that Nagy’s system is the stuff of genius, but if you don’t have the trigger man to run it then what is the point? Mitch might be able to turn into a servicable NFL starting quarterback, but he doesn’t look like the type of guy who is going to win you games with his arm and his brain. So it doesn’t matter if the plays look like the work of genius on the dry erase board because they look like shit on the field. Don’t tell me about how Walter Payton wouldn’t have picked up those yards. Tell me about how you would’ve gotten Walter Payton the ball because Nagy didn’t put his team in a position to win in that game on Thursday. He didn’t get his playmakers the ball. And that Packers defense is better than it was last year, but I didn’t see Reggie White over there. You’ve got a healthy Kyle Long, an All-Pro, at Left Guard. You’ve got James Daniels, a high draft pick at center, and you’ve Cody Whitehair, a guy you think is so good that you just gave him a 5 year extension worth $27.5M guaranteed and potentially as much as $52.5M overall.

It’s pretty clear at this point that the Bears didn’t get the right QB in the 2017 draft. They didn’t get Pat Mahomes, but can they turn Trubisky into Dak Prescott? The Bears have invested HEAVILY into the running game and the interior line. Use them. It might take a little humility to abandon the fast paced, chuck it all over the yard, with intricately timed passing plays, but nobody really cares about how you got over the goalline. They care about how many times. Lean on the strengths of the team. Let Mitch be Dak instead of Mahomes. Try to hold on to the ball for long enough to get your defense rested. I hope I am wrong about Trubisky, but they Bears don’t have time to wait and see if he can be a top 10 QB. They have a limited window to win before the cap comes crashing down on them. Shortest path is to make things as easy as possible on Mitch and the defense. Throwing 45 times will never make it easy.