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#Mickstape: Champ Talk feat. Joe Johnson and Trilly Does L.A.!!!

Greetings all!

“Champ Talk” with Big 3 MVP/Champion Joe Johnson is live! Joe was nice enough to invite us to his humble abode to discuss:

-Prepping for the championship game

-Why he joined the Big 3 and what he’s gotten out of it

-NBA workouts and the next step of his career

-His utter disbelief in the concept of goat yoga

-How his Cowboys end up 3-13.

Also, I did an LA and these were some of my takeaways:

1. Still haven’t been beaten up by Charles Oakley. At this point, I feel like I’m testing fate.

2. All things considered, Snoop Dogg has lived a top 3 life. Doesn’t matter who the other two are, Snoop has a claim at the top spot.

3. In our most recent case of “Life don’t give a fuck about your dreams” (word to LaJethro Jenkins), Stephen Jackson played one hell of a championship game on Sunday. He scored 19 of his team’s 39 points, had 9 of his team’s 21 rebounds and somehow forced Joe Johnson into missing eight shots.

For all his troubles, he got the game-winner drained in his face and he was a -8 for the game. Life don’t give a fuck about your dreams.

4. For every game the Cowboys lose, I’m thinking about e-mailing Joe Johnson with an updated prediction for the Cowboys record. Little does he know, every single prediction will be unfavorable to the Cowboys.

5. I can’t get enough of live press conferences. As a verified media member and someone on the Big 3 Media Mailing list, I love taking a peek behind the curtain. There are never enough chairs or microphones for the athletes/coaches. Everyone is waiting patiently with a hand half raised to get their question in. And once you say you have a question for Lisa Leslie, the entire room stops and stares at you until you stumble over whatever D+ question you have to spit out. The athletes/coaches then take measured steps to answer your question without giving away what a stupid question it was.

It’s awesome.

6. We meet a lot of people in This Business®. My favorites are the ones that introduce themselves, despite us being there only to talk to them. Perfect example for you:

“Tyler”- me, extending a hand

“Joe”- Joe Johnson, blissfully unaware that I know exactly who he is. Great guy.

7. I went to a local dispensary (to tell all the marijuana smokers there that they were going to hell) only to find they only sold CBD and not THC. Feels dishonest. Nothing wrong with a nice O’Douls every once in a while but if a place calls itself a bar and all they serve is O’Douls, I’d be upset.

8. I love Frank Nitty like a brother. He’s a great talent and was very generous with his time in Dallas and LA. Having said that, he’s a terrible host as you’ll find out. And as a terrible host, I feel qualified to speak on such matters.

9. LA as a city? 15/10. Great weather, great views, great signs, great food. Would repeat, would recommend. Very much looking forward to people disagreeing with my personal ranking of a city I enjoy. Debate embraced.

10. Not since the days of Jackie Moon have I seen the founder of a league also double as the halftime entertainment. Ice Cube put together the show, took the stage for halftime and had Snoop Doggy Dogg as HIS hype man. This is what makes me think the Big 3 is destined for greatness. This is what keeps me on the Big 3 Media Mailing list.

Happy listening.