Insane Minifan DMs Brandi Love to Promote Minihane's Instagram During Birth of Second Child

Kirk Minihane is the King of the Crazies. His former producer (who was fired for lying to Alan Dershowitz) turned interim producer turned pro bono Instagram manager may be at the top of the list after melting down on social media while his second child was being born.

The man was literally rage tweeting, lining up Instagram cross promotions with Brandi Love, and hustling sales calls WHILE HE WAS IN THE DELIVERY ROOM.

Screen Shot 2019-08-30 at 12.49.24 PM

He’s in the delivery room. His wife is panting through some Lamaze technique and shrieking. Meantime he’s DMing with MILF Goddess Brandi love about a Cameo video to get Kirk Minihane 1,000 IG followers.


Keep in mind, this is a man who is not actually on Barstool payroll. He negotiated with Kirk for the right to run his Instagram. For free. All he wants is a little respect, damn it.

Dedication? Or psychopathy?

Either way, Dave Cullinane will be back at Red 13 Studios next week.