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Hard Factor 8/28: The Fires In "The Earth's Lungs" Are Still Burning & So Is The Feud Between Macron & Bolsonaro. News Buffet: Brothels, Bernie, Beers, Bets, Hurricanes, & Epstein

Just So You Don’t Have To Google “Macron’s Wife”

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On Today’s Show…….

The fires in the Amazon, aka “The Earth’s Lungs” are still burning, and the feud between President Bolsonaro and President Macron is also still burning.  Bolsonaro wants an apology from Macron before he accepts the aide the countries of the G7 have promised, and Macron likely wants an apology from Bolsonaro for insulting his wife’s looks…good luck The Amazon….

News Buffet:

– A man who is a champion of brothels

– Prince Andrew is probably a pedophile, maybe..

– Dorian is threatening Puerto Rico

– Bernie Sanders hates cold soup

– Beer can convention

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