ZBT #194: Space Crime?!?!?! Nuclear Hurricanes?!?!?!

Round 1: Marriage troubles on deployment is no new issue for the troops. This story is different though because Anne McClain is accused of identity theft WHILE IN MOTHER FUCKING SPACE!

Round 2: A Marine-Turned-Teacher is in hot water for telling his students that he’d be the best school shooter. You heard me right.

Round 3: Two Montana men got the greatest sentencing of all time after a judge found out that they tried to steal valor in order to reduce their sentences.

Round 4: The Navy’s top SEAL says the force must return to normal discipline practices. Haircuts! Get your haircuts here. Ice collllldddd hair cuts. Shaves too! One free shave with a haircut!

Round 5: Last week I spit out a phrase that might have some legs. Finding your “and.” Some veterans in West Virginia are finding their and in an unusual way. Honey, you wont believe it.

Round 6: President Trump reportedly wanted to use nuclear bombs to destroy hurricanes. We don’t believe the story is true but we are gonna act like it is because that’s fucking awesome.