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Hard Factor 8/27: Johnson and Johnson get Dicked, Trump wants a G7 in Doral Florida, Here Come the Debates, Amazon Rainforest is bullshit?

On today’s episode of Hard Factor…

Johnson and Johnson Get the long Dick of the Law

High Angle View Of Medicines With Stethoscope And Paper Currencies On Table

Johnson and Johnson a company founded by three brothers who amazingly decided to not name the company the Johnson Brothers, just got fucked by the state of Oklahoma to the tune of $572 million dollars for helping spark the opioid crisis there. That’s a drop in the bucket for the big pocketed J&J but it also might lead to an even bigger ruling in Ohio in October.

Debates Round Three Who Will it be


Well now know at least ten candidates are making it to the third Democratic debates the second week of September in Houston, Texas.  The real question is will anyone else make it so that this gets drug out to two nights like the other two debates or will it just be Thursday, September 12th.  Hard Factor is going to be doing a live debate show from Axelrad Beer Garden in Houston on Thursday, so we don’t really care if anyone else makes it at this point.

The News Buffet:

- Wes defends the Amazon rainforest as the lungs or some important organ of the world

- Trump announces he wants to host the next G7 in Doral Florida, the place where Mount Trashmore exists

- Kidneys are being thrown in the trash at an alarming rate

- A lot of Brazilians are pointing out that the French President Macron’s wife is not the best looking first lady

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