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Sweeping The Tribe And Mama Clancy Is A Mongo

KFC and I hopped on for a special laaaate night rain delayed episode (thanks for nothing MLB) to talk about the Mets sweeping the big bad Indians out of New York as JD Davis ascended to full-blown rockstar level at Citi Field complete with his very own song. We also talked about Mama Clancy making her content debut on a competitor to list all the very valid reasons she hates her son, how the Mets being the most average team in baseball is perfect, Keith laughing at HisCox ads, and the Dominican drug busts linked to Luis Castillo and Octavio Dotel, and our mindset as the statistically “most average team in baseball” enters a 3-game series against the Braves with a Citi Field that should be a madhouse this weekend especially on Saturday when the unlimited beer is flowing during Barstool At The Ballpark (tickets on sale now).