Fantasy Football Factory Episode 1 Featuring Jonathan Bales Is Live

I know Smitty wrote a blog yesterday upset that the Barstool twitter account said that FFF was Barstools “first” Fantasy Football Show and rightfully so. Smitty did indeed host a fantasy podcast for 2 years before the NYC move and the first year we were here but it was replaced by you know who’s Fantasy Follies pod before he was fired a few years back. However there was an entire season where there was no fantasy football show at all on Barstool and when I brought this podcast up to the powers at be, only a few weeks ago, I was told there was no other Fantasy shows in the works and was given the green light to move forward with this one so I just assumed Smitty was out of the Fantasy Football podcasting game for the time being. I used to listen to Smitty and Bales show and that was the reason I thought Bales would be a great first guest on the podcast because he obviously understands Barstool and is also an absolute Fantasy Football and DFS genius.  We talked to him about where to find value, DFS strategy, how a sucker like me can make money playing DFS as well as some questions about his background and life work. We also break down the 2019 Barstool Content Fantasy league contestants and give out our top 3 sleepers of this upcoming season and 3 players we think are going to regress this year