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Somebody Wants Me To Autograph Their Underwear And It's Weird

We get a lot of weird shit sent to HQ. But what I was sent last week is by far the weirdest in my experience.

Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 10.08.09 AM

A request to autograph a big pair of underwear and a picture of myself. Normal, right?

On this week’s CCK episode, Kevin does a dramatic read of the letter that came with the package, we debate the thought process behind such a strange gift and what the next move should be.

Spoiler alert: the boys were SO wrong for their suggestions.

Also in this week’s episode…

– Marty wonders how animals get pregnant and it went OFF THE RAILS

– Dave vs. Unions/AOC
– Should Barstool unionize
– If you were a broke bitch, what would you eat to survive?


– Boobs vs. Asses
– Kevin’s new glasses

… and much more.

All CCK podcasts are available on the KFC Radio feed and feature original segments as well as the best-of from Sirius the week before.