Fran Meets The Jonas Brothers (ft. ARod)

CITO Merch: > Fran met the Jonas Brothers (1:52-15:43). ‘Whoa! Did I Just Send That?’ (15:52-18:54). Tanner/Demi BIP drama (21:16-28:45). Recapping all the drama in the. Chrisley family (30:39-39:08). Tyler C & Gigi Hadid spotted at a Starbucks (39:31-44:47). Whitney Port says she turned down Leonardo Dicaprio (46:53-50:48). Miley Cyrus released a new song + update on her and Liam (52:48-1:01:34). Interview with Alex Rodriguez – talking embarrassing his daughters, JLo, YouTube + more! (1:02:08-1:15:45). Follow us on Instagram @chicksintheoffice and on Twitter @chicksintheoff + subscribe to our Snapchat show > & our new YouTube >