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Sorority Recruitment May Scar You For Life

I know we like to make fun of Sorority recruitment, and it’s fair– from the outside looking in, you’ll never really understand it. We look insane. Culty. Terrifying and disturbing. Videos of girls screaming, clapping, and jumping haunts the dreams of many an upstanding citizen. I’m sure you THINK you know how freaky recruitment is, but unless you’ve done it, you simply do not.

It’s less about the door stacks and more about the fact that to this day, I could do a mock recruitment conversation. Do you know what it’s like to be taught, for 5 painstaking months, how to small talk? How to seem like you care about what people are talking about? It broke my fucking brain. Every time I meet a new person I have to restrain myself from saying “So how’s recruitment going for you?!?!?!?”. Occasionally I even have to resist the urge to say “So has anyone talked to you about our philanthropy?” Every once in a while I find myself walking around with my arms in recruitment formation on accident (hands behind the back, elbows out, thumbs together). And I haven’t recruited in three YEARS.


Still, despite the trauma, I’m glad I did it. And if you’re thinking about rushing a sorority, you should!

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