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Does The Word "Panties" Freak You Out?? + Lebron Broke The Internet

The last week of July ended up being one of biggest Barstool SPORTS weeks on CCK of the summer.

In case you are living under a rock, Lebron put the entire internet in a frenzy and Kevin was caught at the VERY center of it.


I still contend that I’m right on the whole thing, but you’ll have to listen yourself.

Also in this week’s episode…

– Feits wore the ugliest shirt in human history
– What are the worst words in the English language? (It’s ‘festering’ by a million)

– Trent likes to chew his orange juice
– Kevin got his “Raya” decision

– Hubbs thinks the Yankees are underdogs (???????)
– We debate how Jared should pay Willie his $1K bet

… and much more.

All CCK podcasts are available on the KFC Radio feed and feature original segments as well as the best-of from Sirius the week before.