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Kirk Minihane Discovers His Love of Poetry at a Superfan's Expense

The Kirk Minihane world is filled with superfans and personalities that regular listeners have come to know and love (or hate). And today we learned a surprising new thing about our dear friend MHB. The sarcastic tough guy who hosts the Minifan Show podcast, it turns out, is a published poet. So, of course, Minihane did the only reasonable thing today and shared some long forgotten ditties with the world.

Following several dramatic readings, Minihane got into the controversy surrounding Mario Lopez and comments he made about a hot button issue. Lopez, the former star of Saved by the Bell, has since apologized.

Minihane capped off the show with some live commentary on a new Kirk Minihane Show staple: The Greg Hill Show. Sam Kennedy, the president of the Boston Red Sox, joined WEEI for a thrilling discussion about something or rather. Trust us, Minihane's interpretation was more entertaining.