We Gotta Believe - Trade Deadline Preview/Review/Therapy Session

It’s the end of July, which means the Mets are once again doing that thing where they buy and sell at the same time so Jeff Wilpon can shed some salary and assets while also acquiring enough talent back to fool Mets fans into believing for another year.

KFC and I break down the Marcus Stroman shocker, the Mets trading Jason Vargas for Bradley Wilpon’s buddy with a .195 average in Double-A, whether Noah is right to bitch about this donkey of a franchise, and try to figure out what the front office could possibly be thinking other than “We are too dumb to run a baseball team”.

We also discussed Jeff McNeil hitting himself into a rally puppy, Lisa Ann’s induction into the Fans of Anarchy, Big Earl Stroman, and a whole lot more as we wait to see what happens with Wheeler, Frazier, Noah, and more later today. If the Mets do make another big trade this afternoon, we will have an Emergency Podcast to break it down ASAP. So make sure to subscribe on iTunes to get the episode as soon as we post it.