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ZBT #186: Marines Get Read Arrest Citations At Awards Ceremony

Round 1: 18 Marines and one Navy Corpsman (all from 1/5) were arrested at a Battalion formation for all kinds of charges. Usually Battalion formations are terrible because you’re going for a unit run. This situation seemed worse.

Round 2: Stolen Valor right here at Barstool Sports? General Adam Smitty has been leading soldiers on the battlefield & Kate’s calling him out. Also, learn about the couple who’s made it their life’s work to call out stuff like this.

Round 3: The SEALs continue to have a rough time as the 2016 Sailor of the Year and member of SEAL Team 6 is arrested for allegedly using a spoofing app to solicit nudes from women.

Round 4: Mail to APO/FPO boxes could take a little longer if the US follows through on withdrawing from a 144 year-old postal union treaty. Bad news for Bodybuilding.com and Cigar clubs.

Round 5: It’s Alive Day number 12 for Uncle Chaps and 3 years at Barstool this week. Let’s talk about it.