Dana White's 50th Birthday Party Was Likely Something Straight Out Of A Movie


When Kevin, John, and I spoke to our pal Dana White last week, I wished him an early happy birthday, and asked if he’s ever had one of those insane celebrity parties with an unimaginable guest list/entertainment setup. Instantly, he mentioned that on his 40th, curtains retracted halfway through the night which led to Joe Rogan introducing the Stone Temple Pilots, who were locked and loaded behind it, ready to kick into a private set. Pretty fucking crazy.

Yesterday, on his 50th, he tried to one up that party, it seemed, with Don Henley of The Eagles and Gwen fuckin’ Stefani of NO DOUBT!

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 11.44.18 AM

Casual, yeah? Oh, and don’t think he didn’t get a brand new guitar to add to the wall of his office…

Hopefully by the time Uncle Dana turns 60, the two of us are close enough that I get an invite. Maybe Pup Punk’ll even get to open for the holographic version of Prince and the Beastie Boys he’ll have performing there.

Download today’s episode of My Mom’s Basement NOW to hear the best of my interactions with him over five or six separate interviews spanning two years! Happy Birthday Dana!