Kirk Minihane Gives WEEI's New Morning Show 9 Months

You're all familiar with the story by now: Activists targeted the top-rated morning drive show in Boston and succeeded in destroying something most normal people enjoyed. In the aftermath, Kirk Minihane, that show's host, landed at Barstool Sports. Now, facing cratered ratings and fleeing advertisers, WEEI has launched a new product: The Greg Hill Show. Minihane reacts to the debut of the talk show which now occupies the airwaves he once dominated. It's cringeworthy, painful, maddening, and hilarious.

Minihane's nemesis from the Boston Globe published a sad, unoriginal, and insipid take on diversity in craft brewing. Yes, there are too many white people with beards making beer and sensitivity training should be added to the menu. Speaking of which, Blind Mike's uncouth comments on today's show inspired Minihane to order up some sensitivity training of his own. Stay tuned on that.