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Cup Snakes Are Making Their Way To Sox Park, Much To The Dismay Of NOBODY AT ALL With The White Sox

I would like to make this perfectly clear: I do NOT endorse the creation of cup snakes at Sox Park.  It’s been a Northside thing for years, and it’s obviously a Northside story now.  Let them be them.

NOW, with that said…. this is a pretty hilarious middle finger to the Cubs.  It really goes to show how much of a non-issue a cup snake is.  Just a bunch of 20-30 something year olds stacking cups and enjoying their time at the park.  That’s it.  Nobody is in harms way, nobody is being belligerent.  Just victimless tomfoolery.

I love how there are like 10 security guards in the footage too and not one of them give a FUCK.  You just know that had they’d join in if they had any empties on them.  Or maybe not because it’s a cup snake and kinda lame as it is and I’d rather just throw my cup on the ground than get up to hand it to somebody.  Getting up is the worst.  But yeah, nobody is getting ejected from the stadium, no shirts are forced to be turned inside out, and no ushers trying to peanut punch stacks of plastic cups out of paying consumers hands.  In fact, the ushers and security guards couldn’t care less:

Just a bunch of strangers congregating in the name of what they deem fun while watching Nelson Cruz hit baseballs to the moon all night.

Really shows how out of touch the Cubs are.  Oh, and Carl also wrote a blog on this earlier but I couldn’t stop laughing at the Cubs putting out some docudrama on the fun that is the bleachers at Wrigley Field with this whole cup snake and #FreeLigma drama going down on the Northside:

Fucking hilarious considering the timing.  Just a bad look all the way around.  Seriously, all they had to do was send us an email and say “hey guys, this is why we don’t want cup snakes.  We’d appreciate it if you stopped talking about them.  It presents issues for X, Y and Z reasons” and it would have been DROPPED.  But nope – instead they threatened us by cutting off our access to the goddamn Cardinals.  L O fucking L.

PS – something tells me Ligma might be making his way to an all inclusive trip to Sox Park soon (insert eyeball emoji)