Kirk Minihane Wouldn't Have Fired Francis Ellis

Episode 11 of The Kirk Minihane Show dropped today following the firing of Francis Ellis over a controversial blog he wrote. Minihane, who has himself faced professional blowback for controversial on-air remarks, disagrees with Portnoy’s decision to let the comedian go, saying a suspension and some adult supervision might have done the trick. Blind Mike agrees. Kind of. Whatever you say Mr. Minihane. Speaking of obsequiousness, Minihane, magnanimous guy that he is, accepts the groveling apology of his producer after last week’s drama.

I wouldn’t have fired him. Suspended? Sure. Make sure someone sees his blogs before it gets posted? Yes. Month suspension would’ve been my call. — Kirk Minihane (@kirkmin) July 1, 2019

Unsurprisingly, Minihane did not watch a second of the Red Sox v. Yankees games in London, but he does enjoy mocking the shit out of the ridiculous spectacle of millionaires playing bad baseball in another country. Unlike Carrabis, Minihane did not need a wet nap and a cigarette after hearing that the Duchess of Sussex met Alex Cora. The only thing that pisses off Minihane more than hardo jock-sniffers getting emotional over international baseball is a different form of contrived emotion: outrage in the New York Times over gender reveal parties.