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Bachelor Nation Emergency (ft. Bella Thorne)

CITO Merch: (http://bit.ly/citomerch). Come hangout with us during our radio show, interview us for 10 minutes on the podcast and get a full merch basket – all for a great cause! (http://bit.ly/socialtees) [2:23-5:20]. Bella Thorne fires back at Whoopi Goldberg for shaming her over nude photos on ‘The View’ (7:56-21:45). ‘The Bachelorette’ week 6 recap (24:13-1:00:13). Bachelor Nation: Jed’s girlfriend/Chris Lane & Lauren Bushnell proposal/Reality Steve ruins yet another thing (no spoilers) [1:01:46-1:26:05]. Caleb & Rone are back together in studio for ‘Dicks in the Office’ – we attempt to get to the bottom of a controversy surrounding their vacation letters, as well as whether each side is honoring the contract (1:26:26-1:35:48). Interview with Bella Thorne – talking everything from her new book, including a lot of serious personal experiences, her weed company, Tana & Jake Paul + more! (1:38:02-2:04:02). Follow us on Instagram @chicksintheoffice and on Twitter @chicksintheoff + subscribe to our Snapchat show: (http://bit.ly/thegroupchat).