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Hard Factor 6/19: China Is Harvesting Organs From Prisoners for Cash, Troops Are Headed to Iran, Alaska Murders, Weinstein's Lawyer Quits

On Today’s Episode of Hard Factor:

China Is Harvesting Organs From It’s Prisoners

Heart Rip

Just in case you needed another reason to not be in a Chinese prison, you can ad fear of having your organs harvested to that list. What the hell China? An international tribunal in London has concluded that China is literally killing prisoners and harvesting their organs to satisfy a booming organ trade that is reportedly worth over 1 billion dollars a year. So there’s that. 

1000 American Soldiers Are Headed To Iran


Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan announced Monday night that the US is sending 1000 troops to the middle east to help deal with the Iran situation. You know the one with the ironclad, slam dunk oil tanker incidents with Iran attacking our allies’ ships, and then also the fact that they openly want nukes. So ya know, 1000 troops. Which really isn’t that many. We already have 1500 over there so we’ll have 2500 troops posted up in case something pops off. The big question is whats wrong with Iran that they still don’t have the bomb?


  • An Alaskan girl killed her best friend after some guy on the internet named “Tyler” told her he would pay her 9 million dollars for proof of a murder
  • In a very British ruling the guy that threw a milkshake at Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage has been ordered to pay for his dry cleaning
  • Harvey Weinstein’s attorney quit for some reason?

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