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Chael Sonnen Told Me I Dropped The Greatest "Fuck" He's Ever Heard This Week

Living this bizarre Barstool life never gets less surreal. One day I’m sitting at my desk, throwing up silly blogs to hopefully get a couple laughs and a couple pageviews, and the next, Chael Sonnen, arguably the greatest shit talker in mixed martial arts history, is sitting across from me telling me that Eddie Murphy would be proud of the F-bombs I was dropping. Speaking with “The American Gangster” was fucking unbelievable, especially because he was so kind and receptive to the silliness of the show, and an actual dream come true. He’s always been one of my favorite fighters, and now I just like him even more.

Bellator’s Women’s Flyweight Champion Ilima-Lei MacFarlane, on the other hand, is one of my favorite fighters in recent history, as she has only been in the limelight the past few years, but my chat with her couldn’t have gone any better. It’s actually as proud of an interview that I’ve ever been, because I really feel this one was as conversational and smooth as I’ve done, and I think it’ll actually get some much deserved eyes on the Hawaiian! Oh, and I also assembled every question about Hawaii the entire Barstool Office had for Ilima-Lei, and she answered them fantastically.

Chael fights in Bellator 222’s co-main event tonight at Madison Square Garden (or live on DAZN), and Ilima-Lei makes her commentary debut on the same card, so make sure ya tune in, and let me know what you thought of these chats!