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MICKSTAPE: We Recorded Inside Oracle Arena (RIP) For Game 4 Of The NBA Finals Featuring Paul Pierce

FOLKS this is real life history… Never before has there been a Cereal/Ballers/NBA podcast so bold, so thirsty for takes that it couldn’t wait until after the game has ended to record. So behold the 1st LIVE episode from INSIDE the NBA Finals (in NBA Finals history)

The Mick Man, Trill Withers, and their trusty microphone mule defied the odds in the last game ever at Oracle Arena,,, where the trash talk mildly improved but everything else? PU!

Congrats to Toronto on their NBA Championship.

0:00… 55-53 Golden State with 7:59 to go in the 3rd quarter

27:21… 103-92 Toronto Raptors with 1:28 in the 4th quarter

50:56… 105-92 Final with reactions + 2019 thoughts on the ride back to San Francisco

Thanks to The Boys (premiering July 26th on Amazon Prime) for getting us out here this week