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HUGE WEEK in the Barstool Chicago office.  The MLB Draft is one of my favorite days of the year, for good reasons and bad reasons.  Obviously if the Sox were any good they wouldn’t be picking top 5 seemingly every year and my interest levels in the draft wouldn’t be as high.  Take Carl for instance; he doesn’t GAF about the draft.  That’s because the Cubs are perennially hunting down pennants, not looking to get on the cover of Baseball America.

That said, it’s always awesome seeing the stars of tomorrow get introduced to the World.

Oh, and also big news out of Springfield IL:

JB you fat bastard you did it!! But is this a good thing?  Will legalized sports betting cause us all to lose our money and take residency under el tracks?  Will people start gambling more?  What does this mean for Barstool Chicago content?

We then talked us some Lucas Giolito, who’s arguably the best pitcher in the AL right now.  He’s dominating in case you haven’t heard (you have, I shove him down your throats every goddamn day and rightfully so).

Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 8.37.54 AM

Oh, and the Cubs threw up a dud this weekend against STL.  Did Crazy Carl go on one of his patented psychopath rants?

Tune in to find out!  Nonetheless, the Cubs NEED to get some relief pitching help.  Theo where you at!!!

Eddie and Carl also took over the NBA draft combine this weekend.  And we talked about how our QB completely emasculated that bitch Aaron Rodgers

I LOVE how the entire league and every fanbase in the country is taking shots at bitch boy up North on the reg now.  Fuck that guy.  Even his own OL hates him

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