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I Found Out What It Was Like To Be A Nerd In The 90's Today In My Mom's Basement

KFC and Super Producer BC join me in My Mom’s Basement this week to school a kid born in ’98 on what it was like to be alive throughout that decade, but more importantly, what it was like to be a nerd in that decade. We’re talking Magic: The Gathering, computer games, comic books, the Attitude Era, pogs, Star Trek…even some god damn coin collecting! We hit on it all, and delivered what was hopefully the truest look inside the Clancy Bros’ childhood yet on Barstool airwaves!

For me, doing this podcast with these two was an honor. I know how ridiculous that sounds, because they’re my coworkers, and have been for almost three years now – not to mention I’ve been on podcasts and radio with them before, but that was always KFC having me on one of his shows. This time around, the tables were turned, and I got to have him on my show, a show that he’s inadvertently responsible for in one way or another, and that was just really dope personally.

Oh, and this episode has definitely gotten some of the best feedback I’ve seen since our debut with Dana White, so if you’re looking for a jump-in point, this may be it! Then go back through the little library we’ve built afterwards, though, because there’s some gems already in there!

I’ll have a special Friday Bonus Edition of the pod on Friday in honor of UFC 238 this weekend, and a verrrrrry interesting fighter from my past returns to bury the hatchet…