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Which Chicago Sports "Magic Pill" Would You Take To Change History

It’s been officially 100 episodes for Redline Radio. Huge thanks to everyone who has listened, told other people to listen, bought shirts, and came to watch parties. It’s been a hell of run so far. And even though the podcast has been great, the Chicago sports scene has been basically nothing but pain, misery, and disappointment since we got started. Stan Bowman ruined the Hawks, the Cubs bullpen cost them another deep post-season run, and CODY FUCKING PARKEY might have cost the Bears a trip to the Super Bowl.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while. And for a while I mean like 5 minutes. First I was like…gotta keep D-Rose healthy. Remember how awful this was?

As great as it was to watch Derrick Rose, in my heart of hearts I know that those Bulls were never going to beat Lebron’s Heat teams. It would’ve been conference finals heart break every season until Jimmy Butler, Derrick Rose, and Thibs eventually self-destructed in a mexican standoff

The Cody Parkey double doink was a huge gut punch, but if I am being totally honest…it was probably good for Barstool Chicago because Carl went SUPER viral with this clip

Would I trade that clip for a chance to run through the Rams, Saints, and Patriots? I don’t think so. I think the clip was too important for us.

Lifetime season tickets…meh. You get a front row seat to all this misery. Pass.

White Sox sign Machado and Harper…I’m a Cubs fan so I obviously don’t give a fuck now. I think the Phillies might go back and take this pill that sends the Harper to the Sox though so definitely pass on him. Moncada is a beast in his own right. Not getting those guys delayed the rebuild, but maybe it actually relieved some of the pressure to “win now” and that could end up being beneficial. Again, I don’t really give a fuck.

Cubs bullpen…meh. Their starters are so great that the bullpen right now doesn’t matter. They’ll pick up someone this summer either via trade or Kimbrel and roll to another division title. It’s not a big concern.

Which brings us to Panarin and Crawford. Now you’re probably like Chief you’re such a hockey homer. WRONG. This is bigger than me. This is about a man’s long term health. Sorry I want Crawford to have full brain health after hockey. What happened to him for the last two years was scary. The other factor is…love. Soulmates. HIT IT CELINE