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HARD FACTOR 5/6: AOC's Bearded Beau, TSA Passes on Grass, and a Kentucky Derby Recap

AOC’s Bearded Beau


AOC’s boyfriend got a ton of shit for being overweight and hairy. A French chick even called him a “bin raccoon.” The Hard Factor boys are rattled.

TSA “Not Looking” for Your Weed


TSA claims that they are not interested in your marijuana products in your bags when you travel, but that if they come across them while looking for other hazardous material that they can’t turn a blind eye.

Kentucky Derby Recap


Maximum Security gets jobbed, Country House and Hard Factor Pat get a gift, AND an old Derby Winner is selling jars of it’s shit for $200 a pop.

Lightning Round of Other Headlines

A horrific plane accident in Moscow, Boeing being boeing, and panty bandits in PA.