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Can you believe that a podcast nobody listens to has just logged its 100th episode? Neither can we! This week we’re joined by Our Legacy’s Jockum Hallin to talk about running one of FU’s favorite brands of all time, the art of the understated drip and what it’s like kitting out the biggest names in rap, from Jay-Z to Drake.


Buckle the f**k up, Fail Gang! It’s our 100th episode and you already know we’re bringing you another Bertified FU Blassic™ with one of our biggest capital F Fashion guests yet, Our Legacy’s Jockum Hallin aka the Yoker. Jockum hits the stu all the way from Sweden to talk about the art of the understated drip, what it’s like running one of FU’s favorite brands, and kitting out celebs like Jay-Z and Drake. Then, in Captain’s Log/Letters to Home, the boys celebrate the milestone that is putting out 100 episodes of this b******t that we all love so much.