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ZBT #162: Spilling The ZBTea

Round 1: Chaps is basically Varys from Game of Thrones. His little birds sing him a song from the Air Force’s 735th Squadron at Hickam AFB. We’ve got one motivator who sick of everyone’s shit so he takes an ALL CAPS dump on the entire unit’s chest.

Round 2: Our guy who is completely not our guy, the Commanding General of 2nd Marine Division once again put his foot in his mouth. This time it’s about a service member who was KIA and veteran twitter was FURIOUS about it.

Round 3: We speak with a super motivating fella named David Hysong who has lead a pretty unbelievable life that has stretched from the Pope, to the Navy Seals, and combating sex trafficking in Cambodia.

Round 4: Syracuse University is offering a program designed to help Veterans get more involved in politics after service. It’s something we desperately need so we are all in on the Orange Men (not a reference to President Trump)

Round 5: A Navy Cook was sentenced for his role in a motorcycle gang that sold cocaine and meth in Delaware…. Delaware motorcycle gang…. In Delaware….

Round 6: Finally a super positive story, shoutout out to the Marine Corps Boot who graduated bootcamp after 900 days. He overcame cancer and many other obstacles on his way to earning the title of Marine.