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Sox Ed EP 2 With Dan Palka Is LIVE And Folks, We're Talking About Slump Busters

I’ve never been one to really buy into curses, jinxes or anything like that.  But it’s starting to get weird how many people have came on Red Line Radio in the past only to hit some sort of bump in their careers.

1st round pick Jake Burger hops on the show and tears his achilles not once, but twice

Whit Merrifield comes on, gets snubbed out of the All Star game the next day.  Later lead the league in hits in 2018

Chief joins the show, Coach Q gets fired a few weeks later

There are more, and the above examples are off the top of my head, but that brings us to Sox Ed.  Palka and I thought it’d be cool to do a quick-hitter podcast once a month for Sox fans, seeing as he quickly became a fan favorite on the South Side, lead all rookies in home runs in 2018, and has a really good Twitter game.


Well wouldn’t you know it, the RLR/WSD curse struck again.  Palka immediately got hurt in spring training and started off 2019 so poorly that he had to be sent to Charlotte.  But that’s part of the life cycle for a lot of players, and that’s what we talk about today.

Our goal with the show was to be as engaging with Sox fans as possible and kind of give them a glimpse of what’s it’s like to be a player for the White Sox with the obvious Barstool comedic angle.  That sort of took a back seat today as we look in depth at why he struggled to start the season, how he plans on attacking pitching moving forward, and how he’s playing “pissed off” while he works his way back to Chicago’s lineup.

Oh, and we obviously talk about slump busters.  Is DP going out hogging?  What are his superstitions when in a slump?

It’s pretty deep baseball talk.  DP is in a really good spot mentally, which is 99% of the battle, which is good to hear.

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