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Hard Factor 4/24: The Philippines Threatens War Against Canada, Masters Tickets Scam Uncovered, The Census is Back!

On Today’s Episode of Hard Factor:

There Will Be a Citizenship Qualifier on the Next Census


The US Supreme Court held oral arguments on Tuesday about whether or not to allow the Trump administration to ask questions about citizenship status on the 2020 US Census… and you wouldn’t believe it but, it looks pretty likely that they’re going to allow it.  Which at the end of the day really means nothing because only nerds fill out the census and everyone knows if you have the balls to swim across the Rio Grande River while Border Patrol is chasing you, you aren’t a nerd and were never going to fill out the census anyway.

Texas Family Busted for Running Masters Tournament Ticket Scam 


A golf loving family of four (a foursome) ironically named The Freedman’s are facing some serious charges this week after their Masters Golf Tournament scam was uncovered by the Feds.  These evil geniuses have been exploiting the Masters Ticket Lottery for years. Here’s the scheme: they would buy bulk snail mailing lists and submit a hundreds of submissions to the ticket lottery associated with dummy email addresses, and if one of their counterfeit entries was lucky enough to hit, they would forge drivers licenses and other documents and reroute the tickets to their address.  MAYBE they were making $10k a year. They’re facing 20 years max… Totally worth it.

A Canadian-Philippine War is Imminent


Between 2013 and 2014 Canada shipped 103 shipping containers filled with what they said were “materials for recycling.”  For the past six years said containers have been rotting at a port in Manila. It was recently discovered that Canada lied about the contents of the containers, which did not have materials for recycling in them, but rather household garbage. You can guess how the murderous “president” of The Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte took this news — he wants the trash gone, or WAR with Canada. Excited to see how this plays out.  

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