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Hard Factor 4/18: Apple Settles Lawsuit With Qualcomm, A Mom In CA Banged Her Daughter's Boyfriends, Shady Opioid Doctors Busted, Lightening Round

 This MILF Likes To Bang Her Daughter’s Boyfriends, NICE!!!!


Coral Lytle, of Tulare CA is being accused of banging her daughters two separate freshman boyfriends and bribing them off with booze and smokes.  Sounds like a great deal for a 15 year old boy, because she is kinda hot…..The whole thing fell through when one of the freshman got a conscience and alerted police because he felt guilty shaking her husband’s hand…..what an idiot that kid is.

Apple and Qualcomm Settle Lawsuit


Apple and Qualcomm have finally settled their lawsuit.  What does it mean??  Well this is great news for Iphone users because it means Apple will be able to bring you 5G service quicker, so quicker stream times for porn clips and whatever else you like to look at on your phone.

Shady Doctors Have Been Handing Out Opioids Like Candy


Federal prosecutors charged 60 physicians and pharmacists Wednesday with illegally handing out bullshit scripts for opioids in what they are calling is the biggest dirty doctor opioid bust ever in the U.S.  It’s probably laughable in China.  Doctors were handing out prescriptions to friends, trading them for sex, and even pulling teeth to cover up the prescriptions.

Lightening Round:

- Double Suicide, including the girl who was terrorizing Colorado schools with threats of another Columbine Massacre, she’s dead.  Former Peruvian President, Alan Garcia, killed himself while police were in his house to arrest him for charges of money laundering and accepting bribes.

- Scientists now believe that you know you are dead for several minutes when your heart stops and are actually conscience of what is happening around you….bummer.

- The dog that was found swimming 135 miles off Thailand is back on land, safe and sound, maybe..

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