ZBT #159: Actually The VA Is Still Messed Up

Round 1: The government might start monitoring veterans’ social media to see how “happy and healthy” they are in effort to lower the amount of claims at the VA. Meanwhile, the wars continue.

Round 2: A Colorado veteran was sentence to pay 1.3 million dollars in restitution to the VA for pretending to be blind since 1969 .

Round 3: A 94-year-old blind War World 2 veteran just tried downhill skiing for the first time. He hopped in his sled designed for blind folks and had the mountain wind whipping in his face.

Round 4: Bad news Motor-T… Robots might be taking your jobs as the Army gets its first driverless vehicles.

Round 5: Game of Thrones talk. It’s time that Sansa gets a meritorious promotion, and the Unsullied are really good at marching.