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Jay Cutler Would Do ANYTHING for Kristin Cavallari (ft. Snooki + Hunter Hayes)

NEW CITO MERCH: (  Fran’s face had a rough week (1:54- 7:19). The Jonas Brothers’ crushing #BarstoolBestBar defeat (7:20-10:05). ‘Woah! Did I Just Send That?’ reading the best submitted text mishap of the week (DM us yours!) [10:06-14:24]. Mike ‘The Situation’ & Billy McFarland are jail buddies (16:56-22:06). ’73 Questions’ with Kim Kardashian (Kanye stole the show) [25:18-32:10]. Our ‘Chick of the Week’ is Beverly Cleary (32:46-34:07). Interview with Hunter Hayes – talking new music, tour and more (34:45-57:21). Lori Loughlin update (58:10-1:07:46). Kristin Cavallari said Jay Cutler unclogged her milk ducts by “sucking harder than he’s ever sucked” (1:08:29-1:15:32). Interview with Snooki – talking pregnancy, ‘Jersey Shore,’ ‘A Double Shot at Love’ + we play a game to see how well she knows her ‘Jersey Shore’ castmates (1:17:40-1:41:33). Follow us on Instagram @chicksintheoffice and on Twitter @chicksintheoff.