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Phil Hughes, 2009 World Series Champion, is on Today's Episode of The Short Porch

Today on The Short Porch we had 2009 World Series Champion Phil Hughes on the show. We talked to him for about 50 minutes and he was as chill as you’d expect him to be. After being with the Padres last year, he’s currently out of baseball, but actually looking to get back in. Phil talked about his tough road over the last few years and what he’s doing to latch onto another team. We then got into his Yankees years, especially the 2009 team and what it was like being a part of that clubhouse. I brought up a few rumors from the recent book “Inside The Empire” and Phil pretty much debunked all of them. Phil actually grew up a Sox fan so we ripped on him for that, but he saved himself talking about how much he despises them now and what was the turning point. We even got him to talk about Matsui and Giambi’s porn collection. It’s a fun interview, hope you enjoy.