Hard Factor 4/11: PFT Commenter Joins Us And Covers The "First Ever" Picture Of A Black Hole, A Festival In Japan That Celebrates A Steel Penis, and a Tiny Species of Human Discovered On Philippine Island

Hard Factor VP of Football Operations PFT Commenter joins the show today to talk…

“Festival Of The Steel Phallus” Looks Like A Great Family Event

penis fest

A festival that takes place on the first Sunday of every April in Kawasaki, Japan is quite the event!!  The centuries old festival, which is based on a legend involving a jealous demon hidden inside the vagina of a Goddess who bites dicks off, is basically the worlds biggest bachelorette party.

PFT Covers The “First Picture” Of A Black Hole 

black hole

NASA unleashed the “first ever” picture of a black hole that is 55 million light years away and 6.5 billion times bigger than our little bitch Sun.  PFT discusses his theory on how NASA may be trolling Trump with this new incredible photo, and we discuss why it actually is not that cool to look at.

New Species Of VERY SMALL Humans Discovered On Island Off The Philippines

Bruno & Simon

A new species of tiny humans has been discovered.  Standing an estimated max height of 3 feet 6 inches, the Homo luzonensis, as they are being called, suffered from a form of dwarfism, and PFT believes the guy who first discovered the tiny foot print and then dug for 9 more years, may have a little bit of a foot fetish.

Lightening Round:

– US Attorney General Bill Barr says Trump was definitely spied on during his campaign, yea no shit.

– Bernie Sanders unveils his new 1 trillion dollar Medicare plan for all citizens.

– A woman in Tennessee was arrested for stealing an electric scooter from Wal-Mart and driving it to Waffle House for “coffee”

– You can now change your gamer handle on Playstation, first one is on the house, after that its $10 a pop.






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