The Official Barstool Sports Game Of Thrones Season 8 Preview Is Here

Myself, KFC, Riggs, and Ellie hopped into the podcast studio yesterday to talk some Thrones and I’m not gonna lie, I think we made a pretty fucking good podcast because the four of us cover the wide range of Thrones fans that exist. KFC’s knowledge is pretty basic in that he enjoys the dragons and tits and carnage like most of us, BNN founder Riggs enjoys that stuff as well as the political string-pulling, I’m basically obsessed with the TV show, and Ellie is rereading the books like an absolute lunatic. So needless to say we had plenty to talk/argue about while recapping what’s happened in the show and looking ahead to what might happen in the final 6 episodes. There are definitely other Thrones podcasts that are smarter, more thorough, and great in their own right. But Game of Stools is for the common man, by the common man because it is distinctively in the Barstool voice.

In today’s season 8 preview, we recap where all the big players are to start the season and how they got there, discuss our favorite fan theories, try to figure out what the Night King’s motive is, break down who we think is going to die, live, and end up on the Iron Throne, and a shit ton more.

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Obligatory video of a poison victim in Westeros

Watching a boy die of poison makes me feel wayyyyy happier than it should. God I love how fucked up this show is

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Cannot WAIT to get the show kicked off on Sunday night and immediately jump into the studio afterwards.