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Hall Of Famer & Cubs' Legend Fergie Jenkins Joins Red Line Radio This Week

The Chicago Cubs could not have started the season any slower causing widespread panic across the city that the summer is ruined and the Ricketts should sell the Cubs. Naturally, you can say we’re a bit of a troubled fanbase. We do a lot of crying, drinking and crying+drinking. That’s life as a Cubs’ fan and a lot of it has to do with our historical experiences watching the Cubs crush our hopes and dreams.

Fergie Jenkins joined Red Line Radio this week to talk about the 50th anniversary of probably our most crushing experience, the Cubs 1969 season. Considered the most famous 2nd place team in baseball history, the Cubs lost a 17.5 game lead in the last quarter of the season to the Mets. This happened despite starting the entire infield in the 1969 ASG including Randy Hundley at catcher and having Fergie Jenkins lead the staff. Just crazy stuff that Fergie talks about extensively in his new book The 1969  Cubs – Long Remembered, Not Forgotten. 

In an around that conversation, we go real deep on baseball this week in a nod to our original days as a baseball only podcast. WSD has some interesting observations about why he doesn’t care if the Sox lose 100 games while still holding out some hope the team can put asses in the g-spot this summer. Opposite that I go into opening day at Wrigley and how much the neighborhood’s changed while explaining very clearly that I am only concerned about the Cubs’ lineup from here on out. It’s 16-inch season in Chicago and that now officially applies to the north side baseball team. In other words, have some great tasting Miller Lites and enjoy the 10+ run games we have coming our way

Meanwhile Chief breaks down exactly how we need to watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs without getting to watch Blackhawks. That’s must listen stuff for all you hockey degenerates out there. You can get some of that insight on paper via Chief’s follow up blog this morning

As always it’s an All Gas No Brakes week on Red Line Radio. Available channels here:




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