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Jonas Brothers + Cyrus Family Domination (ft. Olivia Holt)

CITO MERCH: ( We take a deep dive into the music of 2009 (1:35-6:23) Nick *motherf**king* Jonas quote tweeted us + Joe Jonas loves the #BarstoolBestBar competition + The Jonas Brothers released their new song/video ‘Cool’ (6:24-15:46). Woah! Did I Just Send That?’ reading the best submitted text mishap of the week (DM us yours!) [15:47-19:06]. All the cast members came out for the’Game of Thrones’ premiere (20:33-29:13). Amanda Stanton broke down in a video about her nude photos with a dog filter on (29:48-37:05). We both pick our ‘Chick of the Week:’ Kathie Lee + the women at the ‘Game of Thrones’ premiere (37:35-34:39). Old Town Road + Billy Ray/Miley Cyrus family domination (40:26-46:30). ‘The Bachelorette’ released its first trailer for Hannah B’s season (47:04-57:52). Vanderpump drama (58:14-1:05:11). Travis, Kylie & Stormi are on vacation (1:06:05-1:10:17). Gigi/Zayn update (1:10:50-1:16:59). Interview with Olivia Holt from ‘Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger’ (1:19:36-1:46:04). Follow us on Instagram @chicksintheoffice and on Twitter @chicksintheoff.