Are Sports Fans Actually Masochists?

It was a big Barstool SPORTS week with Opening Day and the NCAA tournament in full swing. It was an absolutely wild week in general. From KBNoSwag getting the boot from Vegas for cocaine not having cocaine to Big Cat becoming a dad to Kate drunkenly breaking her nose trying to save a slice of pizza, CCK was on it.

We all know too well, there’s nothing like emotions tied to sports (and gambling). I grew up living and dying by Texas A&M football. Yes, I was mostly sad as a child because they stink most of the time. But still, every year I have hope that it will be THEIR year. And spoiler alert, every single year they make me hate myself. It’s never their year. And somehow, I still love the pain. We all do.

Last week, I witnessed that exact glimmer of hope on Kevin’s face when Robbie Cano launched a homer off Max Scherzer on Opening Day. You can hear the pure joy in his voice.

Unfortunately, he’ll be miserable by Mother’s Day. Because when it comes to sports – only one fan base is actually happy by the end of a season. Still, every year, we all tune in just to eventually end up miserable losers. Baseball season started that new ride for the CCK crew.

And the good news for Kevin is that the Mets are 2-1 and he’ll always have that Cano home run on Opening Day.

So buckle up folks, you’ve got a full two hours of CCK to fight off the Monday scaries. Lord knows we need them after the hangover from an epic weekend of basketball.