Hard Factor 3/27: Update From Capitol Hill (Obama Care, Veto, Green New Deal, Mueller Report), Arby's Worker Murders Customer

Arby’s Manager Kills Customer


An Arby’s manager from Tulsa Oklahoma is being charged with 1st degree murder after chasing down a customer who spit in her face during an altercation at her restaurant.  The 25 year old woman allegedly chased down the man in her car and shot him in the torso with her unlicensed .45 caliber handgun.  She then returned to work as if nothing happened…what a hard worker!!!

Senator Mike Lee From Utah Knows How You Should Live

MikeLeeUTLittle update from Capitol Hill where Obamacare is once again at the forefront of the Democratic Parties hopes to beat Donald Trump in 2020, AOC’s Green New Deal suffers a crushing defeat, The Mueller Report will soon be available for public consumption, and somebody please send Trump a Veto Gong, cause he really wants to smash it.

Lightning Round:

- Charges Against Jussie Smollett dropped and we don’t know why

- Conor McGregor being charged with rape in Ireland

- Woman kicks Marine out of her wedding for looking better than her

- Boeing 737 Max 8 in more trouble

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