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Hard Factor 3/28: Wes Still Doesn't Understand Brexit, Special Olympics: Cancelled, NYC Socialite Scammer Is The Worst, Plus a Weight Loss Update

On today’s episode of Hard Factor:

Brexit? Robert Bruce Theresa May

Theresa May said she will step down as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom if her Brexit proposal passes. Essentially everyone hates Theresa May, and she’s all “you want me to quit? I’ll quit” JUST like Robert The Bruce in Braveheart, but you gotta fight for her one last time (in reality Robert Bruce became the King of Scots, at least according to Mel Gibson’s history book).

The Special Olympics is Cancelled 


Donald Trump and Billionaire Department of Education head Betsy DeVos had to cut some money from the budget so they decided the Special Olympics was a good place to start. They cut $18 million from those poor kid’s budget. They didn’t stop there, they also slashed funding for books for the blind (which honestly makes sense).  But don’t worry, DeVos donated a portion of her government salary to the Special Olympics last year, or as she calls is her “per diem.”  A couple fun facts about DeVos…

This is her summer home: 

DeVos House 

Also she has a $40 million dollar yacht.

NYC Socialite 


Anna Sorokin is a “NYC Socialite” who was in court yesterday for grand larceny and theft of services charges because she swindled various people and businesses out of $275,000 in a 10-month romp which started with free world travel and ended with her in Rikers Island. She was parading around New York claiming to be a German heiress, when in reality her father was a truck driver who also ran a heating-and-cooling business. Also, she fell asleep in the court room today because the proceedings “were just too bland” (fake socialite accent). 

 Lightning Round:

- AOC has a serious rant

- Facebook BANS White Nationalism

- Boeing is working on it

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